How To Stop Firefox Adding An Extra Line In Google Sheets

I use Firefox with Google Sheets.   When filling in the cell and pressing enter Google sheets automatically adds a new line.  It only seems to happen then you press enter.  It doesn’t happen when you press tab or click out of the call.   It also only happens in Firefox and not Google Chrome.   Being cynical, I wonder if Google know about this bug and aren’t fixing it so that people migrate from Firefox to Chrome.  Anyhow, it is quite simple to fix it.

Just go to Tools.  You will find that autocomplete is enabled.

Disable autocomplete and the problem will disappear,

Hope this helps someone.

How To Set The Default Paper Size To A4 in Firefox

I am running Firefox on Ubuntu and the default paper size was US Letter.  I wanted to set the default paper size to A4.  There isn’t a graphically interface to do this.  So you have to:

  1. Visit about:config
  2. Search letter
  3. You should have a result with a value of na_letter.
  4. Double click to modify and change the value to A4

Then it should look like this:



Hopefully that helps someone change the default paper size from US Letter to A4.

Firefox Spell Checker Doesn’t Work In Apple Mac OSX – How to fix…

I’ve moved from Ubuntu to Apple Mac OSX and like to use Firefox.  However, rather annoyingly the Firefox spell checker doesn’t appear to work on Apple by default.  Bizarrely, it doesn’t highlight any incorrect spellings.  I found that the only way to fix it was to add another dictionary to Firefox.  Here is how I did it.

Step 1 – Find a dialogue box or text box and right click.  You should see a menu like so.  You could click Language -> Add Dictionaries


Step 2 – You will be taken to the Firefox Dictionary and Language Pack Page .  You should select and install the right dictionary for your locale.


Step 3 – I installed English (United Kingdom) dictionary and immediately the spell checker  immediately started working.  Hope this helps someone else.

p.s. if anyone from the Firefox team are reading this – why doesn’t Firefox work with native Apple spell check / dictionary?