DNS Price Comparison – DynECT vs dnsmadeeasy

I’ve been using DynECT for our corporate DNS for several years. I choose it because it has a well designed and easy to use interface. However, over the last few months, they have put their prices up and set new query limits. This means that DynECT are now completely uncompetitive. After looking around, we have decided to move to the brilliant dnsmadeeasy.com. Here is a quick price comparison.

Company: DynECT
Name: Express 40
Queries Per Month: 5,000,000
Total Records: 800
Monthly Cost: $95
Yearly Cost: $1140

In comparison to:

Company: DNS Made Easy
Name: Small Business
Queries Per Month: 5,000,000
Total Records: 400
Monthly Cost: $2.49
Yearly Cost: $29.95

DNS Made Easy is just 3% of the price!

Surely, DNS Made Easy must be slower or less reliable? The answer quite simply is no. It’s faster than DynETC and totally awesome. I suggest that people more over to DNS Made Easy.

Don’t just take my word for it. This website has put together a comprehensive comparison for DNS.