How To Clear Your Apple Maps Search History in iOS 8

I wanted to clear my Apple Map search history because it was auto-completing the wrong things. However, it isn’t very obvious how to clear your Apple Map search history. Here is how I cleared it:

1 – Open the Apple Maps app.

2 – Click into the search bar at the top.

Clearing your Apple Map search history.
Click into the search bar at the top

3 – Click on favourites

Clearing the search history on Apple Maps
Click on the favourites button

4 – Click the clear button.

Push the Clear Button
Click on the clear button!

Apple are generally great at usability.  However, this simply doesn’t make sense to me and seems massively confusing. I wish that Apple would add a control clearing the search history from within the iPhone setting app. This would fit in with their general settings paradigm and is exactly how they do the clearing of Safari browser history.

Hope this helps someone.