How To Uninstall / Remove Synology Cloud Station On Ubuntu

There isn’t a clear way to uninstall the Synology Cloud Station client on Ubuntu from the GUI. The only ways seems to be from the command line and it took me a while to find it.

Cloud Station is installed in your home directory in a hidden folder called ./Cloudstation. There is an uninstall script buried in a few folders down.

Open a terminal and run:


Job done.

I hope this helps someone.

How to allow incoming pings through Synology Firewall

I have a few Synology NAS at work which are used for storage. I have been locking down the firewall on them to only allow certain ports from specific IP subnets. However, I still wanted to be able to ping the Synology from anywhere. I couldn’t work out how to configure the Synology firewall to let through pings ( ICMP messages).

You have to go to: Control Panel -> Security -> Firewall -> Create:


Under ports select Custom and then under protocol select ICMP.


Press OK a few time and then Save the firewall settings. You should then be able to ping the NAS without any problems.

How to install Synology Cloud Station on Ubuntu Linux

Synology have released a Linux Cloud Station Client – which is brilliant news. Well done Synology for listening to your customers. It works really well and is quite easy to installed.

Step 1 – Download the Cloud Station Client for Linux from here. Note – there is a section for Linux so don’t download the Windows client.

Step 2 – Extract the download

tar -xvzf CloudStation-Linux-Installer-2572-64bit.tgz

Step 3 – Run the ./install file . Important – don’t run it as root! If you run the install script as root no menu icon will appears and the client will not run.


The rest is quite simple – just follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

p.s. If you ever want to uninstall Cloud Station – here are quick guide.