How to cancel your naked wines subscription / membership

I’ve been a member of the Naked Wines – however I come to conclusion that it isn’t very good value for money and the range of wines isn’t very good. However, it isn’t clear how to cancel your naked wines account and Google doesn’t have this as a good page range. This post isn’t purely to help that!

Here is a link to cancel your Naked Wine subscription:

Cancel your Naked wine subscription

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      1. The 1st link worked in the UK. Really grateful ,especially after spending 15mins on the naked site trying to find out how to unsubscribe. Thank you!

  1. I have just been looking at my website stats. It seems that around 5 people a day use this page to cancel their naked wine subscriptions.

    It would be great to know if the links still work.

    1. Used it today, it works, thanks very much – as I couldn’t find that link anywhere (presume Company made it deliberately as difficult as possible!)

  2. I wish to prevent becoming an angel and to unsubscribe you make this very difficult and this is suspicious

    1. I can’t find anything that will allow me to unsubscribe I DONT WANT YOUR EMAILS AND I DONT WANT YOUR WINE

  3. I just used this link too – awesome stuff. They were not responding to emails and I was reluctant to call them.

  4. P.S. The original link worked for me as I was on the waiting list to be an “angel”. If you are already an angel, the second link would be required to cancel the account altogether. Beware if you still have money in your “piggy bank” though.

  5. I can’t find anywhere to unsubscribe. I don’t want to join your club and I don’t want anymore emails

    1. I’m not naked wines. I’m just providing the link for you to unsubscribe from Naked wines. Please just follow the link in the post.

    1. Hello, do you know how can I take back my money from naked wines because I couldn’t find how and I have around £200 and they still take £20 every month:(

  6. Go to “my account”, then to “angels account” then “to cancel, click here” , check all the boxes and click cancel.

  7. Go to search >put in cancel, it will pop up cancel your angel account yes. It will ask you why you want to cancel. Then press anything and push red cancel button.

  8. I’m in Australia and this worked for me! So good! Thank you! I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it easily on their page but now I’m all done and dusted! Thank you! 🙂

  9. Neither link works now. I’ve already cancelled my Angel account, but I want them to remove my normal account as well.

  10. Just went on the site, made sure I was on my account, and chose the chat feature. Cancelled within 5 minutes, tops. Easy.

  11. Just go to to “my account”, then to “angels account” then “to cancel, click here” , check all the boxes and click cancel.

    It works!

  12. Thank you so much for the link, I too had spent 10 minutes looking for a way to cancel. This was slick!

  13. Make sure that you are signed in with the right account. I couldn’t work out how to cancel for a while then realised that I was logged in with a different email address from the one with the account that I was paying from.

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