How to test if Bacula-fd is running

I just installed a new Bacula client but for some reason the server could not connect to it. I found this out by trying to get the status of the client on the server with the following command:

sudo bconsole
status client=my.client-rd

Here is the things that I checked on the server.

Step 1 – Check that the service bacula-fd is started:

sudo service bacula-fd status

Step 2 – Check the bacula-fd process is bound to the port 9102

sudo netstat -an|grep 9102

Step 3 – Check that you can telnet into the client port from the server.

telnet 9102

I found the the client configuration did have the correct client ipaddress but each of these checks enabled me to narrow down the problem.

2 thoughts on “How to test if Bacula-fd is running

    1. If you are not seeing any output at all then there isn’t anything connected on port 9102 which is the port used by Bacula. What are you seeing?

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