How To Recover / Get Your Music From Your IPod / IPad / IPhone

It’s a classic mistake. You buy an ipod, import all your music into itunes, sync it onto the ipod… then at some point loose the computer. Suddenly, your ipod has all of your music on it and you can’t get it off. Don’t panic… there is hope but it does cost you $35. Yes, there are other solutions to this problem but this is something anyone can go.

Install itunes on a new computer
You will need the drivers for your ipod and therefore you need to download and install itunes.

Stop itunes automatically syncing
Once you have installed itunes, you need to make sure that it doesn’t automatically override the music on your ipod by automatically syncing nothing over the top. To this go to:

Edit -> Preference -> Devices and check ‘Prevent Ipods… from automatically syncing’.

Buy a copy of iExplore
Iexplore is the program which makes this really easy to do. The only draw back is that it costs $35. Personally, I think this is completely reasonable given that it saved over 2,000 songs for me. Buy a copy of the software, download and install it.

Plug in your device
with a usb cable.

Open Iexplore
Browse to device -> music -> select all the tracks and then you can transfer either to itunes or a folder.

Job done.

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