How to install Synology Cloud Station on Ubuntu Linux

Synology have released a Linux Cloud Station Client – which is brilliant news. Well done Synology for listening to your customers. It works really well and is quite easy to installed.

Step 1 – Download the Cloud Station Client for Linux from here. Note – there is a section for Linux so don’t download the Windows client.

Step 2 – Extract the download

tar -xvzf CloudStation-Linux-Installer-2572-64bit.tgz

Step 3 – Run the ./install file . Important – don’t run it as root! If you run the install script as root no menu icon will appears and the client will not run.


The rest is quite simple – just follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

p.s. If you ever want to uninstall Cloud Station – here are quick guide.

7 thoughts to “How to install Synology Cloud Station on Ubuntu Linux”

    1. Just delete the directory which was created by the installer. Then untar of the installation file and start over again. (Thanks Klaus Fischer for this info).

  1. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be ready for broader use yet. I am running kubuntu 13.10. When I run install an empty gnome-terminal window opens. Full stop. No instructions what so ever to follow … 🙁

    Any idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks for you help!

  2. It seems that I could sort this out myself. Here iis what I did:
    run install as a regular user and close the gonme-terminal after a while
    create ~/.CloudStation
    un tar the file CloudStation.tgz in this directory
    run “start-stop start” in the installation directory

    It seems that snyc does not work for dos file systems

    @Jim: Just delete the directory which was creeted by untar of the installtion file and start over again.

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