How to export OpenOffice / LibreOffice / Drawing (.odg) to Google Docs

I needed to import an OpenOffice Drawing file (.odg) into Google Docs.  Unfortunately Google Docs doesn’t open .odg files natively and there isn’t a file format which you can export / save the OpenOffice drawing file as which contains all the information in an editable format.  I found the only way to transfer all the information was to:

  1. Open the drawing in LibreOffice.
  2. Open impress (the LibreOffice presentation application)
  3. Cut and paste the drawing into a OpenOffice / LibreOffice Impress and save the file.
  4. You can then upload this Impress file to Google and open it there Presentation software.

I hope this helps someone.

2 thoughts to “How to export OpenOffice / LibreOffice / Drawing (.odg) to Google Docs”

  1. Thanks!

    That’s a good way because it imports the diagram not only as a simple picture, but by this way you can modify it. I copied-pasted my imported diagram from google presentation to google drawing and it was quite well compatible to modify then on google doc.

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