Changing the Bit Rate in Sound Juicer Ubuntu

It’s a real pain to change the bitrate of Sound Juicer to actually make the MP3 or Ogg files good quality. For some reason the default quality is terrible and the developers have removed the menu which allows you to change the bitrate. Frankly, this makes Sound Juicer useless as a ripping tool and I believe that it should be removed from the Ubuntu repositories.

Basically, my advice is to uninstall Sound Juicer and install Asunder.

sudo apt-get remove sound-juicer


sudo apt-get install asunder

This will save you a world of pain and give you an easy to use piece of software.

4 thoughts to “Changing the Bit Rate in Sound Juicer Ubuntu”

  1. except the current version and even the one back then will NOT let you select 192kbps even though its tooltip says most people use it!!

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