Cargo Bike Tire Sizes

I was needed to buy some new tyres for my cargo bike.  I couldn’t see the tire sizes on the tire and no-one seems to put the specs on the internet.  After some measuring, I can confirm that the tires are:

  • Front Tires – 20″ x 1.75
  • Rear Tire – 26″ x 1.75

I hope this helps someone.

5 thoughts to “ Cargo Bike Tire Sizes”

  1. Thanks! It’s a shame that there’s so little info on technical specs of bikes, considering the popularity…

  2. Note that the rear is not a “normal” mountain bike 26″ size. It’s one of the other strange 26″ sizes. I found the rims on my Bakfiets to be pretty ordinary – single wall, and fairly wide. The spokes used are also the heavy-duty 2.3mm thick type – heavy and not a great benefit. I rebuilt my rear wheel using a 27.5″ (another stupid size name) 584mm double wall rim, using 2.0mm straight gauge spokes. Much better. The only minor downside is a slightly larger rolling diameter, necessitating the relief of tyre pressure to remove the wheel. I plan on replacing the front tim with a similar setup, 20″ (406mm) 2.0mm spokes.

    1. Did you replace the hub as well? Thinking of getting a second rear wheel just in case, so was wondering how to build one out if needed.

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