About Me

I have been running an online business using Linux / Ubuntu as a our server operating system since 2004.  I have been using Ubuntu on all my desktops and laptops since around 2009.

Why I love opensource…
I try to use as much opensource software as possible.  At work, we now use php, mysql, postgres, node, apache, nginx, bacula, kvm, ubuntu, pfsense etc etc.  The list seems endless.

Trying to do my bit…
Over the years, we have run into little problems and I’ve found so much help online.  More often than not, the solutions to the problems have been found on other peoples blogs.  As my knowledge increased, I thought that I would start a blog as a way of publishing little ideas and solutions to problems that I’ve found.

Recommended Reading
If you are keen to learn more about Linux then I highly recommending reading Linux Journal (quite technical)  Linux Voice (a hobbyist magazine), Planet Ubuntu (a good syndication of what is happening in the Ubuntu community).